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Every church reaches it's Pinnacle of success through gargantuan efforts

from individuals who realized the worth and need of the church and it's teachings to the community.

The Pastoral Charge is pleased to recognize the efforts of these individuals.

 Church Family Days

Every family celebrates two special days that recognize the heads of the family. Mothers and fathers are the keys to a solid family foundation. They create stability and cohession that binds the family supports together. The church family is held together in the same manner and we celebrate those who create the Coldwater Eady Pastoral Charge foundation.

     Eady Church Family      

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Alfred Hawke     1836  -  1925

Builder of the Eady Church Congregation

Alfred Hawke  (seated)

Alfred Hawke was the son of Edward and Elizabeth Hawke who immigrated to Medonte township from Cornwall, England in 1843. This family settled on Lot 15, where line 10 crosses Moonstone Road, and began to farm. Edward's son Alfred, born in 1836,  married Margaret Nash and they resided in a house beside the Coldwater River directly across from the current Wesley(Eady) United Church. During 1850-55 Alfred became a lay preacher and assited the local Methodist circuit ministers with their services at the Hawke family home. In 1860-65 Alfred and friends built the first Eady church, a wood building, that was located where the current Wesley (Eady) United Church now stands. This wooden building with three windows on each side and a front porch soon became know as the Hawke's church. In 1898 the Hawkes church was moved east along the Moonstone Road to make room for a new church. Alfred and his son James, a sunday school superintendent, were instrumental in the construction of the brick Wesley (Eady) Methodist Church. Alfred would live to see the Wesley (Eady) Church become part of the United Church of  Canada in 1925.  Since 1843 the Hawke family name has become well known throughout Medonte township and Coldwater.

Elders and Stewards Committees from 1952 to 1979. Sophia was a member of the Women’s Missionary Service and the Ladies Aid.


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