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Rev. Kathleen Mowat.      

Message from the Minister - July, 2020

Dear Church Family,

It has been several months since we have been able to worship together on Sunday mornings.

We have all missed this and wish for a return to our former ways of being together.

We hope that our online and printed services have been a comfort during this challenging time.

With the decision of our Board to have our Churches remained closed until September I would like to share a prayer with you by Reverend Gerardo Oberman, Red Create, Argentina.

A Psalm for this time:

The grace of God guides us,

we don’t lack and never will lack anything.

He leads us to places of rest and care

and to drink waters of trust.

He renews our strength

so that we do not abandon the path of solidarity,

because it is there, in our empathy with others,

where we honour his name.

Even though we pass through the polluted streets

and places of possible contagions,

we will not fear any danger,

because You, divine presence,

maintain the prudent distance between tenderness and respect,

and that inspires us with serenity and confidence.

We will share the table again, and the banquet and the party,

before the astonished gaze of the empire of the viruses

and any empire that proposes death and exclusion.

We will fill our cups again until they overflow

to toast for the new worlds,

already stripped of their greed and their thirst for power,

more aware of being family, people, humanity.

Surely your goodness and love

will follow us every hour of each journey

until we know how to make this earth of yours

a house in which we can all live,

in our full and rich diversity,

with health, fullness, dignity,

bread, shelter, work and justice,



May this prayer surround us with comfort, peace and hope as we move into this lovely season of summer.

Reverend Kathleen Mowat


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