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The personality of any church is multi faceted and Coldwater United Church is no different. The congregation has a deep musical foundation rooted in engaged musical leadership and talented junior and senior choirs led by a passionate and patient director dedicated to the delivery of an uplifting spiritual message each and every Sunday.

Roots are what give plants life and Roots are what give churches life, and Coldwater United Church has no shortage of roots. Several members of its congregation are second generation, some are third generation members and their engagement in the church’s current activity gives a mixture of history and future to the ongoing life of the church. But the church is also blessed with new life within its structure. Coldwater welcomes individuals, young families as well as mature adults to share in the life of the church. This breadth of uniqueness builds variety in our church life, those that welcome change as well as those that thrive in rituals of its history. We hope to combine those differences in a manner that allows us all to share in the fullest of diversity.

What’s a church without dinners?   Coldwater has come to recognize that although the purpose of dinners is in fact to fundraise, we do not lose sight of the fact that the event creates a great social backdrop for both the people working the event and the people enjoying the supper. Dinners are an excuse to get together and meet with old friends, make new friends and generally surround you with the goodness of fellowship.

Coldwater United Church believes in the uniqueness of individual’s religion and the church is extremely tolerant and respectful of the differences that may occur. The church encourages those differences in the context of open and honest debate that allows for the expression of individual thought and utmost respect. The Coldwater congregation believes that the facts need to questioned and debated and each member is allowed and encouraged to bring forward their own ideas on references to the gospel. The church believes that its members can coexist and thrive on the differences that arise from prayerful study of the bible.

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